While a rescuer was out working on a TNR (Trap-neuter-return) job in downtown Las Vegas, she heard meowing coming from the middle of the street.

A tiny kitten, without a mother in sight, was crying desperately for help in the unbearable desert heat.

Two weeks ago, Nikki Martinez (@myfosterkittens) received a message about a kitten who was in need of a foster home.

“I got a text from a trapper. She said she needed a foster for this kitten she found. He was all alone screaming in the scorching hot sun,” Nikki shared with Love Meow.

The rescuer, Theresa, asked Nikki if she could help as she already had 13 other kittens in her care. Nikki immediately offered to take him in. “Everyone I know was full but I could take him. What’s one more.”

She named the little guy Bert.

The fluffy kitty was just skin and bones and needed medical attention. “He had an eye infection so I started him on antibiotics (oral and eye ointment).”

Soon after he arrived, Bert ate all his food and used his litter pan like a champ. (Scroll down for video)

“He was skinny with a wonky eye, just my type,” Nikki added.

In 24 hours, Bert went from wandering around homeless on the streets of Las Vegas to cuddling and snuggling with his foster family, constantly looking for affection.

“He’s been a lovebug from the start.”

The little bundle of fluff quickly adjusted to indoor life.

Five days later, baby Bert reached one whole pound and gained a ton of energy.

His eye cleared up nicely and he became a playful, mischievous little kitty.

Theresa is continuing her TNR work in that area and on a mission to find and spay the cat mama.

Baby Bert is thriving in his foster home. “No kitty is meant for life on the street, but especially him. He’s a sweet boy,” Nikki told Love Meow.

Bert was saved from the scorching heat before it was too late.

With help from his rescuer and foster family, the little fluff ball will have a forever loving home where he will be loved and cherished.

Watch Bert’s journey in this cute video:

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Source: Love Meow

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