A tiny black and white kitten was found in the middle of road in a serious situation. Cars were dodging him, but no one else decided to stop and save the poor kitten. Thankfully, a wonderful man with reddit user Todontblink rescued and brought him home to foster.

On his first day in new home, the kitten was a little frightened. After that, he started loving the new life and tried to bond with everyone in the house, including their two dogs.

Todontblink has had an orange cat and two dogs, so he wouldn’t adopt this sweet cat. He planned to find him a forever home but his cat didn’t let him go.

The ginger cat really loves the rescued kitten. He decided that his new little friend wouldn’t be going anywhere! Finally, Todontblink decided to adopt the kitten and their friendship are inseparable.

Looks like this sweet home is exactly where he belongs, you can see that he is very happy with amazing friends and owners in loving home!

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