Safety first, stoopies.

This is Black the kitty, who is a construction supurrvisor in Chile.

Naturally, the internet got a hold of this picture, and then reddit’s infamous photoshop battles went at it.

Here are 10 of our favorite photoshopped pics of Black the construction kitty.

1. Road safety. We are all responsible.

2. Why do cats always turn up at lunchtime?

3. Of course the cat is the supurrvisor while the dog does all the work

4. At dawn… we ride

5. Meow-SFW expectations

6. Roles reversed

7. Building by day, tearing down crime by night

8. Selfie cat

9. Nyan cat in 32-bit glory

10. Flagger cat making your commute to work that much more painful

Remember… safety first!

via: i iz cat

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