Two kitten brothers, Newt and Frog, not only share an inseparable bond, but they were both born with just two legs.

They never think they are disabled, just differently abled.

The feline brothers were taken in by Alley Cats and Kittens after rescuers learned about their plight on Facebook and brought them to safety.

Steph Taylor, founder of Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary (in the Merseyside area of England), offered them a foster home as the kittens needed long-term care.

“Both kittens were born without their back legs but cope amazingly well. They are able to walk on their front legs and use their tails for balance. They can climb and even jump down. There are no mobility issues,” Steph told Love Meow.

It didn’t take long for them to notice just how close the two brothers are.

“They are very bonded. They groom each other and purr cuddled together. When Newt was at the vets having his procedure, Froggy pined and refused to eat,” Steph added.

The little 2-legged wonders have incredibly strong front legs that can support their entire body and lift it up off the floor with ease.

They use their amazing upper body strength to move around, climb up and down the scratching posts and dash and scamper across the rooms.

Having just two legs doesn’t slow them down a bit.

Watch them in action in this cute video:

“They are both amazing and such a joy. They are so happy and playful,” Steph told Love Meow.

“Frog is a diva and vocal, and Newty is inquisitive and quiet but has the funniest face. They are both purr machines,”

Due to their long-term specific medical needs, the animal sanctuary is committed to caring for them for as long as it takes.

“They will stay long term with us in our headquarter home.”

Newty is a curious little boy who wants to know everything that his humans are doing.

The feline brothers are living with several other foster friends, giving each other snuggles.

Frog and Newt have only two front legs but they live life to the fullest.

“They are such amazing and special boys. They know no different than the life they have led with only two legs. They play, run, jump, chase, eat, drink all just like a normal kitten.”

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