If you think the idea of destiny is ridiculous, then you should hear stories about how people get their cats. You might be wondering how these things are related. Well, the idea that people choose their cats is a myth. It’s true that cats are charming creatures, but that means their magic has worked on you if you own one.

If you have a cat, you should probably know that you were destined to own one. It isn’t a mere coincidence nor was it your choice. If you don’t believe us, answer this: have you ever noticed how peculiar cats are, and how is it that the humans that own them are also a little peculiar themselves?

We haven’t exactly figured out how this works but we know it to be absolutely true. To demonstrate our point, we give you stories (images) of people who never owned a cat and then somehow all of the sudden found themselves owning one after falling victim to their feline magic powers.

Case #1: This man was trying to sleep and a cat woke him up at 2:45 in the morning like it wasn’t his business to be sleeping. Why are you sleeping human? This is how you get a cat (read: this is how a cat gets you)

Case #2: Imagine waking up at night to get a glass of water and seeing this. According to this unsuspecting victim, “…I walked into the kitchen at 5:30 am and saw this in the sink… This is not my cat…” It is now my friend.

Case #3: The story goes that this guy stalked his now owner for a whole summer. One day it was cold, so the unsuspecting individual let him inside to keep warm. They came back a few hours later and found him like this…

Case #4: This guy just strolled into the house through the back door one night like he owns the place. Apparently, he does now.

Case #5: This next situation is a little much (and by much we mean heaven). This person woke up one morning and found this waiting at their doorstep. Life hardly gets better.

Case #6: These kind folks fed this stray cats for a couple weeks only to find this on their front porch one morning. Wonder how long they were waiting.

Case #7: This dynamic duo hangs out at this person’s house every day. They just come and sit like this. They aren’t his pets though. We’d like to specifically draw your attention to the cat who is being such a cat right now.

Case #8: This little dude was just hanging out in the backyard and decided “hey, I kinda like this place.” And honestly, look at him, how could you not let him stay?

Case #9: Apparently it’s not safe to keep your windows open anymore because these cats will come at you from all directions. This guy opened his window to have a smoke and when he turned around this is what he found.

Case #10: Meet Popeye. He showed up on a dude’s farm one day and he took him to a vet. His 10-year-old daughter was struck with cat magic and said she wants him for Christmas and will never want another Christmas gift. You’ve got a deal.

Case #11: All was business as usual for this person after they finished painting their kitchen. Nothing is really strange about this picture, except that they don’t own a cat. We think the cat would say otherwise.

Case #12: Check out this cheeky little dude. This person found him in their parents’ backyard. He knows how adorable his heart-shaped black nose is and he’s even winking at the camera. The bastard.

Case #13: This person left their house cat-free and came back to find a free cat. Apparently, both cat and owner are surprised about this.

Case #14: This dude was having an average day at work until the furry feline jumped into his truck and onto his lap and made his day a whole lot better. Cat to the rescue.

Case #15: This person saw this terrifying sight on their balcony (it’s 7 floors up). And this cat isn’t theirs. This is wrong on so many levels but the cat has made its choice and we all just have to learn to live with it.

Case #16: After hearing some noises in their shop, these workers decided to investigate. They set up traps and found this guy lurking. Now he’s the shop’s mascot and his name is Turbo. Apparently, “he walks around like he owns the place.” Yup, we believe it.

Case #17: This person went from having 0 cats, to having all the cats. Look at the cat mommy, just looking up innocently as if this has been her home this whole time and not a place that she literally just walked into to give birth.

Case #18: This person came home to find a cat casually hanging out in the tub with their reptile. What can you do, these things happen.

Case #19: This person was just strolling past their washroom when they caught a glimpse of this dude. They did a lean-back double take and realized that they don’t have a cat. But the cat chose you.

Case #20: This owner is reminiscing on the time that his cat showed up at his house and chose him. Now they’re best buddies.

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