When people drunk, they often do dumb and funny things. From sobbing on stranger’s shoulders to uttering slurry laments, drunk people are the life of any party. Have you ever thought when you let cats around beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage, what they would do? I make sure that they also do and think funny things like human.
We decided to gather a few pictures of cats mixing fun with alcohol and show them to you. Check out below the hilarious pictures for all cat lovers.

#1. When the sunlight wakes you up at the ass crack of dawn.

#2. When you realize you’re not in your own bed.

#3. When you still smell like alcohol.

#4. When you throw up in your mouth a little bit.


#5. When you can’t tell if you’re gonna boot or not, so you just stay in close proximity to a toilet.

#6. When you’re PARCHED and your friends try and get you to drink water.

#7. When you regret that eighth shot of vodka.

#8. When you check Snapchat and see the heinous drunk snap your “friend” posted of you.

#9. When you look at your messages and see you drunk-texted your ex.

#10. When your friends tell you about all the embarrassing stuff you did last night.

#11. When you start to question who you’ve become.

#12. When you try and get at least some work done before Monday, but it’s a lost cause…

#13. …so you decide to watch Grey’s Anatomy instead, but before you know it, Netflix asks you if you’re still there…

#14. …and then you nap for the next six hours.

#15. When you wake up and it’s dark out?!?!?!

#16. When you pray to survive this hangover and promise the good lord you’ll start leading a life of honor and sobriety if he spares you this one last time.

#17. And when you do it all over again the next weekend!!!!!!!

#18. When you drink beer.

#20. Sweet dreams.

#21. Nap time.

#22. I like beer.

#23. I only want a sip I swear.


#24. Uh… Hi


#25. Cat and Heineken.


#26. I only want a sip I swear.

#27. I eat my food.

#28. What is this?

#29. What did I do?

#30. I do not like it.


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